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Nachtmystium Ė Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2 (2010)

Iíve been talking about getting high a lot lately, maybe even glorifying it a bit too much. Itís perfectly okay to get high if youíre careful. If youíre not youíll end up like this album. Itís just very dirty and depressing. But, it has a lot of really good songs on it. And for as dirty and depressing as this album makes me feel a lot of the music is surprisingly upbeat. The keyboards are really good on songs like No Funeral, The End Is Eternal and Every Last Drop. And the guitar work is fantastic on the whole damn album. No single song sticks out. Iíd recommend this album if you like Motorhead or Darkthrone. Those are the two bands that I hear when Iím listening to this album. But if the video for Every Last Drop doesnít make you feel a little sick to your stomach youíve got something wrong with you.
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