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Originally Posted by TheClairvoyant View Post
As much as I love Mastodon, they really need to give some Hunter tracks a little rest, nothing from Levithan and Remission is pretty shit, and only Crystal Skull off Blood Mountain? C'mon!. Remember the first Hunter tour set? now THAT was a damn good Mastodon set. Great review btw! - Wish their set's were more like this!
Kinda ridiculous they're playing such a Hunter heavy set since they're not really touring the album anymore (I know it's their most recent album but they haven't toured in a while.)

Was thinking of seeing them at Mayhem, but not with this setlist. And as for Brann saying they're going to change it up for that tour, it'll probably be one song.

Crack the Skye is my favorite album of all time so the tour where they played in it's entirety and played 4 or 5 songs was my dream Mastodon setlist.
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