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Title Fight -- Brooklyn, NY -- June 27th, 2013

I arrived at the venue to a long line as I got worried because it was a free show and it was first come first serve to get in. After maybe 30 minutes of waiting we finally got in. It was just a black building with no signs or anything and inside was a skatepark with a pretty nice stage. There was an opening to go outside for food and drinks too. I would definitely go back if it wasn't such a hassle to get to.

Hop Along was on first. They weren't bad but I don't think they fit into the mix very well. They had a girl singing which was unique and I couldn't exactly pinpoint an exact genre for them. They played about 6 songs maybe.

Next was title fight, who my friend and I came for. This is my second time seeing them. The setlist was sort of strange. Not the order they usually play, which was cool. It went something like this..

Make You Cry
Head In The Ceiling Fan
Numb, But I Still Feel It
Like A Ritual
Safe in Your Skin
You Can't Say Kingston Doesn't Love You
Secret Society

Im not exactly sure where Leaf was played but I know it was. Crowd was crazy, security guards didn't know what to do. Couldn't really eat Ned's vocals sadly. I didn't stay for Fucked Up either, my stomach hurt and I wanted food.

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