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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
1. After the Dark
2. Silenced by Death
3. Fall from Grace
4. Sinister Thoughts
5. Dawn of the End
6. Vanishing Point
While I do like this set a lot (Vanishing Point is a great closer!), I dislike this trend of bands completely ignoring their previous releases. I get that it's a short set and they are excited about the new record, but their first one was great too. There's a few other bands I've seen do this too, unfortunately.

1. Civil Servant
2. Mind Pollution
3. Another Disease
4. Tormenting Voices
5. 600 A.B. (After the Bomb)
6. Prison Planet
7. Sector 87
8. Blood-Spilled Offerings
9. Shepherds of Rot
10. The Aftermath
11. Repulsive
12. Crawling in the Shadows
13. Show No Fear
14. Restless Minds
This is a really great set! Like you said, I've never seen one of these bands play this long, and seeing as how it's one of my favourite styles of music, it must have been awesome. I'm a bit surprised with the choices from Feed the Beast. Immortal Life seems to be a staple, and I'd love to hear the title track and Necropsy too. The songs from Exiled are great choices, especially Prison Planet! It would be cool to hear Episodes of Aggression, but it's difficult to complain about such a long set!
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