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Bonded by Blood -- Hollywood, CA -- June 27th, 2013

Fun night out overall, especially since my ticket was covered. It was nice seeing my buddies in Hatchet again after so long. Out of all my metal friends back home, they're still some of the most loyal and chill pals around.

Hatchet were main support and were solid as always. They had a big problem with one of the amps so that derailed the set a bit.

1. After the Dark
2. Silenced by Death
3. Fall from Grace
4. Sinister Thoughts
5. Dawn of the End
6. Vanishing Point

Bonded were next and actually played for a full hour. For about half the set they had a new second guitarist with them so they actually sounded really good during it. Mauro and Jessie were both really active onstage, and Juan was there and played for the whole set. The fill-in dude from the Soilwork tour was nowhere to be found. Basically I have no fricken idea what the hell is happening with the guitar players for Bonded by Blood.

1. Civil Servant
2. Mind Pollution
3. Another Disease
4. Tormenting Voices
5. 600 A.B. (After the Bomb)
6. Prison Planet
7. Sector 87
8. Blood-Spilled Offerings
9. Shepherds of Rot
10. The Aftermath
11. Repulsive
12. Crawling in the Shadows
13. Show No Fear
14. Restless Minds

Too lazy for a detailed gig report, but this really was a pretty fun show. I never thought I'd see a rethrash band (not counting Vektor as rethrash of course) play such a long set.
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