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So, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this dumb thread. I hope that if you never listened to Napalm Death before you read some of the stuff here and it got you interested in them. I hope that if you only heard one or two songs years ago and you didn’t like them you stumbled across something here that changed your opinion. There is still a bit of stuff I left out or missed. One thing that comes to mind is the Legacy was Yesterday flexi-disc that Decibel magazine released in early 2011. That’s a wicked song but it’s not even available on iTunes. That’s a shame. It came out a full year before Utilitarian and once I heard it I knew they were going back on a tear. Decibel should really consider releasing a CD compilation of all the stuff they’ve released on those flexi’s over the years. I subscribe to the magazine but I don’t have a record player, so every flexi that I get each month just ends up on a shelf never listened to. There have been guest appearances on other bands albums as well. Too many to mention, but a personal favorite of mine is the song Barney did with Volbeat on their second to last album. Volbeat are a fucking terrible band (yet people love them) but Barneys voice next to their singers in this song makes for a great paradox. And then there are all the other bands that the members have formed or joined over the years. Way too many to mention but some pretty huge names have come out of Napalm Death: Carcass, Godflesh, Cathedral, Meathook Seed, so many. I think Shane Embury plays bass in every UK grindcore band today.

Here’s my ranking of all the main albums, if you want an idea of where to start purchasing. Even though I didn’t include many EPs Leaders Not Followers always gets included because it’s so damn good.
1. The Code is Red…Long Live the Code
2. Smear Campaign
3. Leaders Not Followers
4. Enemy of the Music Business
5. From Enslavement to Oblivion
6. Utilitarian
7. Utopia Banished
8. Diatribes
9. Scum
10. Time Waits for No Slave
11. Order of the Leech
12. Inside the Torn Apart
13. Fear, Emptiness, Despair
14. Leaders Not Followers: Part 2
15. Harmony Corruption
16. Words from the Exit Wound

I strongly urge you to go see Napalm Death if they ever come to a town near you. It makes me sad that a band with such a rich history that has influenced pretty much everyone indirectly in some way is still lucky to get two hundred people to a show as a headliner. While shit bands play to thousands. I don’t want them to get huge, they never will, but I want them to get by and continue to make albums and tour. Here are the reviews I’ve posted on this forum of the four times I’ve seen Napalm Death:
May 2009
October 2011 (twice)
May 2013

As we all know Napalm Death are very much active today after almost thirty years as a band. I was thinking a new album would probably be out early next year, or even late this year. But I read an interview with Barney just last week and he stated that the band hoped to enter the studio “next summer”. That sucks; I doubt the next album will be out before 2015. But, taking a little more time between albums has yielded better albums (as exemplified by the later years in this thread).

Thanks for reading.
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch

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