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DIO DISCIPLES to record / Unreleased DIO songs to be released

I'm not sure any of this is good news...

From a recent interview with Craig Goldy, here are the most important parts:
  • Unreleased Magica II & III songs to be completed and released
  • Songs with missing vocal parts to have vocals added by "one of Ronnie’s close friends, or somebody who’s really tight and close in the Dio family"
  • Dio Disciples currently writing and recording original material to be released probably as bonus tracks on a live album

He doesn't say whether Ronnie finished any vocals for the songs at all - which is a pretty important piece of information, so to not say anything probably suggests he didn't sing anything at all. No details on the storyline of Magica II & III, who's going to sing on them, what the songs titles are, how many songs there are, or anything like that. Just that Wendy has said she wants all of that to happen, so it will at some point.


3/3 Sanctuary
9/3 Fozzy
10/3 Wednesday 13
11/3 Wednesday 13

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