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Right, so, I'm basically awake again now. For just a two day trip, the weekend seems like a fucking long time ago. That'll be the 2am beers...

Anyway, this was probably one of the slickest Maiden shows I've seen. The only problem was the intro to The Prisoner got started too late, so Bruce spoke it instead. It started a couple of lines later, but he was louder so it was OK. The band then waited for the proper intro to finish before starting, prompting "Technology's fucking shit isn't it?" from Bruce.

To be honest, the whole thing was so by-the-book in terms of presentation that it felt like a bit of a phoned-in show - and seemed to take no time at all to get through either - but Bruce made up for everything. He was fantastic all night. Don't know if he's been doing it every night recently, but he challenged Nicko to do a drum solo during the band introductions in Running Free, purely because Nicko hates drum solos. He did a short, basic one, prompting more mockery from Bruce.

It's not often that bands can be really loud, and really clear. Usually one is sacrificed in favour of the other (and usually the wrong way round), but somehow at this show they were. Easily the loudest Maiden show I've ever seen, but great clarity as well. Great venue all round to be honest, apart from their silly tokens for food/drink system, which is a total con.

People did leave it bit disappointed in the short term because there was a massive pause (like, 3-4 minutes) between the end of Running Free and the usual Always Look On The Bright Side of Life outro tape, with the lights down too, so everyone was getting hopeful for an impromptu extra encore, but it didn't happen.

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