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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
If Punk loses MITB then that is the result of WWE writing him off after he left.

Cena vs Henry will be a snoozefest.

Ryback vs Jericho will pretty boring.
how can you say that its obvious punk won't and it has nothing to do with what your talking about. Cm Punk will lose because of Brock Lesnar setting up their match at Summer Slam. Also i think Daniel Bryan will win MITB for WWE Championship and honestly i think the only other who can win it in that match is Christian. For the World Heavyweight MITB I would like to see Sandow win it but don't think it will happen expect Dean Ambrose to win this match but i think the wildcard in this is Antonio Serzaro (yes i know spelled it wrong) I think with him now working with Zeb Colter its a great move.Also one more thing about the World Heavyweight match if someone drops out of it for some reason or WWE creative changes their minds. I think putting Bray Wyatt in that MITB and having him win and cashing in and winning on the same night of his deubt would be one of the better desicions.
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