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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Got my wisdom teeth pulled today and holy fuck, shit hurts!
Yeah it does.

And story time, since I gotta get this out of my system.

Quit my restaurant job to get a job pertaining to my marketing degree. I was supposed to be a project coordinator at a flooring company, but I guess I did something wrong because after 2 weeks I was told that no one in the office can see themselves working with me and that I'm not a good fit for the company, so I essentially got fired. I have no idea what I did, I even asked the owner (who told me this) and he said he didn't know the full details. It probably had to do with how I wasn't catching on as quick, seeing as how they had me observe other workers in every area of the building rather than giving me hands on experience with what I'm actually supposed to be working with. So he's either lying or everyone at that place is just sick in the head or stupid like that. Either way I wasn't enjoying that job at all and I'm glad I'm not there anymore.

Lucky for me, I had applied to a bunch of places the night before and had emails from 2 different companies requesting for an interview. Just had both of them today and I got the 2nd interview for one of them, and waiting to hear back about the other one, which I think went fine. I just hope everything works out. I'm just paranoid because of the shitty training the flooring company had, but they were so disorganized there it was almost unbelievable. Worst comes to worst, I can get my restaurant job back if needed.

EDIT: Got the 2nd interview for the other job! Gonna be a busy day tomorrow for sure, but worth it.
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