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Bryan is winning the RAW MITB match. They didn't have him beat Orton on RAW for nothing. Orton rarely gets pinned let alone taps out, so they no doubt have big plans for Bryan. Punk doesn't need to win the match because he's reached the status of being one of those guys who can get a title shot whenever he wants. If you think RVD has any chance of winning then you're smoking stronger shit then he does.

I'm pissed Jericho isn't involved in something better. He's had issues with Del Rio and Ziggler so why not make it a triple threat match for the heavyweight title at the PPV? This shit with Ryback makes no sense, they could've just thrown him in the other MITB match.

The MITB match for smackdown is Ambrose, Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes, Fandango, Barrett and Swagger. All very good workers except for Fandango. At least it's all young up and comers getting shot. My guess is Ambrose will win.

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