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17. Church of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum
(Rise Above)

Same ol' Church of Misery but is that really a negative thing? Serial killer based stoner doom. That thunders and roars with unrelenting fury and bluesy grooves, that you can't help but headbang too. "Dusseldorf Monster" is a twelve minute masterpiece that just might have their sickest riffs yet.

16. Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

The best decision Nocturno and Fenriz could have made was to severely dial down the crust and punk influences and turn up the trad, speed, thrash, and proto-black metal ones. Even if the vocals border on the ridiculous sometimes, it doesn't matter because the riffs are brought in abundance and crushing beyond belief. Like on the epic closing track "Leave No Cross Behind" which turns from a thrashy NWOBHM onslaught to a Celtic Frost worshiping dirge.
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