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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I don't have a problem with the Usos getting a tag title match. They're a good young exciting team that always seems to have the crowd on their side. It's about time the WWE actually did something with them. Reigns and Rollins need a team to go over at the next PPV and The Usos will give them a good match. Then it's off to Summerslam where hopefully the rumored match of Rollins/Reigns against Undertaker and Kane happens.

I guess all it takes to qualify for the MITB match now is to be a former champion. As much as I love Christian and RVD, they really have no business being in the match considering Christian just got back after being gone almost a year and RVD hasn't been with the company in four or five years. The other participants in it I have no problem with since they've all been busting their asses and have been good/great performers over the last year.
I just feel Punk is better used in a singles program. That said, in a chaos match like that it wouldn't be surprising if someone (I wonder who) came out and gave him a beat down.
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