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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Well, I'm going to probably see Money in the Bank because I'll have nothing else to do. But that card isn't too good. Henry verse Cena won't be anything groundbreaking, Ryback verses Jericho will be a feeding (Ryback does need a PPV win), the WHC MitB match is okay, and seriously; the Uso's? The WWE Championship MitB match has anyone worth seeing in it (Punk, Orton, Bryan and RVD). Oh well, it's only $20 for me.
I don't have a problem with the Usos getting a tag title match. They're a good young exciting team that always seems to have the crowd on their side. It's about time the WWE actually did something with them. Reigns and Rollins need a team to go over at the next PPV and The Usos will give them a good match. Then it's off to Summerslam where hopefully the rumored match of Rollins/Reigns against Undertaker and Kane happens.

I guess all it takes to qualify for the MITB match now is to be a former champion. As much as I love Christian and RVD, they really have no business being in the match considering Christian just got back after being gone almost a year and RVD hasn't been with the company in four or five years. The other participants in it I have no problem with since they've all been busting their asses and have been good/great performers over the last year.