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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Not only that but in Chicago Megadeth usually plays like a 4,500 person venue or so. BLS usually plays a 1,000 person venue or so. Hellyeah plays like a 400. Device hasn't even done a full tour yet.

So what do they do? They stick it inside a arena on a wed. afternoon. Even cut off like it will be in the arena that's still like 10,000 capacity for them to fill. Before they starting cutting the group deals they are now as well the chepest tickets here were nosebleeds for like $59 after taxes.
Same thing is happening here in Denver; The tour stops at an arena very similar in size to your Allstate arena (I assume that is what you are talking about, I was there for SOAD last year). From what I can tell tickets are not moving at all, it doesn't help that 1st Bank Center is 25 miles north of Denver so it isn't well located. I'd love to meet the people who put this together and see how they are able to get oxygen to their brains, cause it doesn't seem like much...
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