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Originally Posted by marker View Post
Their new sound guy is better than Doug was from my experiences, but that's just my take. Other guys on here would know more than me though. They've seen them many more times than I have. It's normal to have inconsistent sound in large outdoor venues like this though.

No way he is better, on his best nights nobody notice him and the sound is okay, but on some nights, especially the first 2-3 weeks of last year's shows there was a lot of complains about the sound. I don't know why Doug Hall is not there anymore but you can't replace a guy that is there from the early days and expect to be as good.

Back on the topic of the Donington show, some friends of mine went, and although they said it was a fantastic atmosphere there was absolutely nothing special except the spitfire flyover at the begining. it would have been cool if they did one or two extra songs, but as far as setlists goes, once they are set up on a setlist they don't deviate from it whatsoever. It's been like that since the last 10 years or so. But in the past (before those last 10 years) they have played surprise songs at big shows like that.

The spitfire flying over was awesome but why not start with Churchill's Speech\Aces High in that case. That would have been the appropriate song to go with that and a surprise. You just play Moonchild first song of the encores...

Anyway, That's Maiden and they are what they are

can't wait for the Kansas city show

Cheers !
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