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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Not sure who's saying that but RVD, at least when it came to his TV role was used very well for the most part. Not too long after coming in he became the TNA champ and the only reason he lost the belt was because he had to be stripped of it due to fulfilling all the dates on his contract. That title run was actually pretty good and it was a bullshit way to end it. He still stayed in the main event scene for a while after that.

Over the last year or so he wasn't doing much. He became the X Division champion but really didn't do anything with it. Part of it can be blamed on TNA not booking him properly but a lot of blame needs to be put on RVD himself. The guy just stopped caring. He showed up out of shape and high as fuck most matches. He was moving really slow and missing his normal spots, it was really very sad to see. Truth be told TNA is filled with such good young performers in their prime right now that RVD was just too old to keep up and fit in anywhere and that's why he got lost over the last year. I love RVD but he needs to shoulder more of the blame when it comes to how his TNA run ended.

Hopefully, he gets back into shape for his WWE return and can have one last good run there before he retires. Otherwise the biggest feud he may have upon his return will be against the WWE's wellness policy.
Yeah I dont get how RVD got a contract, thought if ya toked you couldnt join WWE.