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Originally Posted by Bengals279 View Post
If I could add 1 song it would be Hallowed Be Thy Name
Me too. Would have been a great addition to the setlist

Originally Posted by TheClairvoyant View Post
I heard that there was some bad sound problems at certain parts of the crowd, where abouts were you standing?
I didnt experience any sound problems where I was, which was left of stage and about half way back amongst the 90,000 crowd! I had the large speakers a good distance in front of me which were great. So no complaints from me!!!

Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Agreed. I can't believe they dropped it for this tour.

Nicko once said that if they ever dropped Hallowed Be Thy Name, he'd quit the band. I never thought he'd have to eat said words.
That's correct! Nicko did once say that! I guess 'Arry had a quick word in his shell-like?!?!

I'm with Nicko though ... wouldve been nice to have had Hallowed included, but never mind ... the set was a good one anyway!!!
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