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Deafheaven -- Austin, TX -- June 22nd, 2013

Dream House
Irresistible (played over PA)
The Pecan Tree

Doors were at 9 and I showed up at 10, about 15 minutes before local band Pushmen started and there was already a pretty good sized crowd at Red 7. I would describe Pushmen as a blend of the frenetic parts of DEP that shifts to sludgy EHG-esque moments. They played for about 35 minutes before making way for the first touring band of the evening, Marriages. I had only listened to a couple tracks online before the show and their stuff seemed to translate really well live and the crowded room ate it up. After about 40 minutes or so they wrapped up and I made my way to the front of the stage for Deafheaven. When they walked onstage the intensity of their frontman George is palpable. With his combination of shaved head, all black clothes and black leather gloves; he practically gave off a serial killer-vibe. If you’re familiar with Deafheaven it should be no surprise that the crowd was a mix of metal dudes and hipster couples. I only mention this because there was a definite portion of the audience that was taken aback when some dudes started moshing about halfway into the first song and continued throughout the show. Deafheaven’s post-metal / shoegaze blend weaves beautiful atmospheric soundscape passages with the vitriolic blasts, riffs and vocals of black metal with excellent results and their live show lives up to everything the records promise. A couple times towards the end of the set George’s passionate performance poured out into the audience and he did some crowdsurfing in a jesus christ pose.

And then, by coincidence, the next morning I ate brunch a couple tables away from the band.
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