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Leaders Not Followers: Part 2
Released on August 23rd, 2004
Label: Century Media


1. Lowlife (originally by Cryptic Slaughter)
2. Face Down in the Dirt (originally by the Offenders)
3. Devastation (originally by Devastation)
4. Messiah (originally by Hellhammer)
5. Victims of a Bomb Raid (originally by Anti Climax)
6. Fright Night (originally by Wehrmacht)
7. Warís No Fairytale (originally by Discharge)
8. Conform (originally by Siege)
9. Master (originally by Master)
10. Fire Death Fate (originally by Insanity)
11. Riot of Violence (originally by Kreator)
12. Game of Arseholes (originally by Anti Climax)
13. Clangor of War (originally by Massacre)
14. Dope Fiend (originally by Attitude Adjustment)
15. Iím Tired (originally by Die Kreuzen)
16. Troops of Doom (originally by Sepultura)
17. Bedtime Story (originally by Dayglo Abortions)
18. Blind Justice (originally by Agnostic Front)
19. Hate, Fear and Power (originally by Hirax)

Another cover album. While not as strong and monumental as the first Leaders Not Followers this is still a good album. My main gripe is that there are too many songs. It just gets overwhelming after a while. And the overall production is a little hollow sounding. They had said that they were going to make the Leaders Not Followers series a regular thing but itís been almost ten years since this came out and there hasnít been anything else. They started their relationship with Century Media with this album, after almost half a decade of releasing their albums on random/obscure labels with no real contract. They're still on Century Media to this day. This is the last album Jesse Pintado is credited on, even though he hadnít recorded with the band for two years. He sadly passed away in 2006.
Best Song: Face Down In The Dirt
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