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Noise for Musicís Sake
Released on July 8th, 2003
Label: Earache

Varies by era

Disc One:
1. The Kill (from Scum)
2. Scum (from Scum)
3. You Suffer (from Scum)
4. Deceiver (from Scum)
5. Hung (from Fear, Emptiness, Despair)
6. Antibody (from the Greed Killing EP)
7. Unchallenged Hate (different version, from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
8. Siege of Power (different version, from the Suffer the Children EP)
9. Greed Killing (from the Greed Killing EP)
10. Suffer the Children (from Harmony Corruption)
11. Mass Appeal Madness (from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
12. Next of Kin to Chaos (from Words from the Exit Wound)
13. Judicial Slime (from Utopia Banished)
14. Lucid Fairytale (from From Enslavement to Obliteration)
15. If the Truth Be Known (from Harmony Corruption)
16. Plague Rages (from Fear, Emptiness, Despair)
17. Social Sterility from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
18. From Enslavement to Obliteration (from From Enslavement to Obliteration)
19. Lowpoint (from Inside the Torn Apart)
20. Contemptuous (from Utopia Banished)
21. Diatribes (from Diatribes)
22. The Chains That Bind Us (from Harmony Corruption)
23. Armageddon X 7 (from Fear, Emptiness, Despair)
24. Breed to Breathe (from the Breed to Breathe EP)
25. The World Keeps Turning (from the World Keeps Turning EP)
26. The Infiltraitor (from Words from the Exit Wound)
27. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (different version from Leaders Not Followers)

Disc Two:
1. Rise Above (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
2. The Missing Link (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
3. Mentally Murdered (different version, from the Mentally Murdered EP)
4. Walls of Confinement (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
5. Cause and Effect (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
6. No Mental Effort (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
7. Pride Assassin (from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
8. Avalanche Master Song (originally by Godflesh, live 1990)
9. One and the Same (Bonus Track from Utopia Banished)
10. Sick and Tired (Bonus Track from Utopia Banished)
11. Malignant Trait (Bonus Track from Utopia Banished)
12. Killing with Kindness (Bonus Track from Utopia Banished)
13. Means to an End (from the World Keeps Turning EP)
14. Insanity Excursion (from the World Keeps Turning EP)
15. Truth Drug (bonus track from Fear, Emptiness, Despair)
16. Living in Denial (bonus track from Fear, Emptiness, Despair)
17. Food Chains (from the split EP with Coalesce)
18. Upward and Uninterested (from the split EP with Coalesce)
19. I Abstain (from the Cursed to Tour split with At the Gates)
20. Politics of Common Sense (from the Cursed to Tour split with At the Gates)
21. Internal Animosity (featuring Lee Dorrian)
22. Scum (featuring Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer)
23. Life ((featuring Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer)
24. Retreat to Nowhere (featuring Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer)
25. Remain Nameless (different mix)
26. Twist the Knife (Slowly) (different mix)
27. Deceiver (live, 1987)
28. The Traitor (live, 1986)
29. Abattoir (live 1986)

This is a pretty cool album for people both new to Napalm Death and old. Disc one is a greatest hits album covering everything the band released on Earache. Youíre looking at a lot of material but it gives a good overview and it does usually have the best stuff from each album. Disc two compiles a ton of the bands EPís (Mass Appeal Madness, Mentally Murdered) onto one disc plus some older demos. There are some alternate versions of songs that are really good to hear too (Nazi Punks (Fuck Off), Siege of Power with Barney on vocals). The Death by Manipulation compilation from ten years earlier is almost rendered obsolete by this since there isnít too much on that album that isnít on this. Even if you despise ďgreatest hitsĒ albums Iíd say this is essential because it has so much great stuff on disc two.
Best Song: Nazi Punks (Fuck Off)
10/18 - King Diamond
10/24 - Pallbearer
11/01 - Suffocation
11/30 - Devin Townsend
12/06 - Distant Worlds: the Music of Final Fantasy
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