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After the success of the first 3 albums going 2, 3, and 4 times platinum, I honestly and truly believe that Trent is a multi millionaire who has more money than he'll ever know what to do with. He could control the ticket prices somewhat by asking a smaller fee for the shows NIN plays. Also, it's sad that after complaining about the greed of record labels and going independent, he went back on a record label.

Also, track listing for the album:
1. The Eater of Dreams 0:52
2. Copy of A 5:23
3. Came Back Haunted 5:17
4. Find My Way 5:16
5. All Time Low 6:18
6. Disappointed 5:44
7. Everything 3:20
8. Satellite 5:03
9. Various Methods of Escape 5:01
10. Running 4:08
11. I Would for You 4:33
12. In Two 5:32
13. While I'm Still Here 4:03
14. Black Noise 1:29
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