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Taproot -- Jackson, MI -- June 22nd, 2013

This was the annual Rockapalooza in Jackson. There are a ton of bands on multiple stages. Unfortunately, though, they do not announce what bands are playing on what stage until after the show starts. That's so weak. Also, 12 Stones was supposed to play, but they did not. I'm not sure why, but I was bummed b/c I really like them a lot.

I caught the last 2 or 3 songs by a band called Hollow Chamber. I'd never heard of them before, but they were pretty cool.

The 1st full set I caught was Know Lyfe. These guys won the award (at least for the bands I saw) for craziest crowd reaction by far. They tore it up. Check them out if you can.

Know Lyfe setlist (possibly missing 1 song in the middle)
Building an Empire
Veins & Vines
Dixie Cup Dean
Ashes of a Funeral
She Wore a Crown
At the Tip of the Blade

Next I checked out a local band called Through The Ashes. Good stuff.

Boy Hits Car came up next and were amazing as usual. Sadly only about 150 people watched them, but everyone else missed out, seriously. Phil from Taproot was amongst the small crowd wearing a BHC t-shirt and rocking out harder than anybody.

I've wanted to see Diecast for over 10 years, and I finally did. They were great! I'd definitely go see them again. Sadly they only got a 30-min set.

Unfortunately I had to skip seeing a really awesome band called Of Virtue b/c they played literally at the exact same time as Taproot (the band I was at this show to see). Please check out Of Virtue, though. They're killer!

Taproot played a great set. They were on 1 of the smaller side stages, and the place was PACKED for them. During "Smile" Steve threw the mic to a guy in about the 10th row to sing part of it, and then the guy hurled it back. I have never seen that at a show before. That was cool. Nick was not drumming for Taproot. I'm not sure who their drummer was, or whether he's a permanent member of the band or not. Even though this was part of their GIFT LIVE tour they did not play the whole record. I'm not sure if that's due to their new drummer or because they had a 40-min set since it was a festival or some totally different reason. At any rate, they were fantastic!

Taproot setlist
Again & Again

I caught the last 20-min of (hed) p.e. on a different stage. I hadn't seen them live since their BLACKOUT tour about 10 years ago. To be honest, though, BLACKOUT was a disappointing CD (except 2 or 3 songs), and then I lost interest in them because their subsequent albums seem like they're just trying to cram as many F-bombs into 3-min songs as possible. I honestly still listen to BROKE and their self-titled CD a lot, though, so I was interested in seeing them. It was pretty lackluster. To quote Fred Willard's character from the move "A Mighty Wind," "Hey, wha happan'd?" They used to be so fun live. Now it was just a bunch of cliches and weak call-and-response demands to the crowd. They played the first 10 seconds of "Killing Time," but then stopped because someone got trampled in the pit. I would've loved to hear that song! (hed) p.e. does not even resemble the band I remember.

Righteous Vendetta was next. They're a really cool metal band. I was them on their tour w/ Spoken 2 or 3 years ago. Check em out!

I watched about 4 or 5 songs by Mushroomhead, but then I went home. I wanted to check em out b/c I hadn't seen them since their tour w/ 40 Below Summer in 2003. They were OK, but I am not a huge fan, and it was a very long, hot day. The other headliners that I did not stick around for were Saliva and Candlebox. Actually, I did not see any of the bands on the main stage. It was a fun day, though. Taproot, Know Lyfe, Boy Hits Car, Diecast, and Righteous Vendetta were all amazing. I'm sure Of Virtue was as well, but I guess I'll never know.
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