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Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain (1992)

Since we’re on the topic of getting high…Sleep. I remember being high as a kite sometime in 1996 or 1997 watching Muchmusic’s Friday night metal show Loud. They always played a lot of stuff I liked, but they always closed the show with a bit more obscure, “how the hell did this end up on the air, even if it’s one o’clock in the morning” videos that I loved. You gotta remember, this was a decade before youTube. Dragonaut was one of those videos. My mind…was blown. Like so many other times I ran to the CD store the next day and they actually had two copies of Holy Mountain. There was some other half baked there in front of me buying it too (he was probably watching Loud the night before too). I got home and didn’t even smoke any weed; I just listened in awe to this album. I did like the songs Aquarian, Holy Mountain, From Beyond and the aforementioned Dragonaut best at first, because I preferred the singing over the yelling. But this album isn’t about the singing; it’s about those fucking riffs. You can’t find one song that doesn’t have one riff in it that is anything less than EPIC. All due respect to Tony Iommi, he wrote some of the greatest riffs in metal history. But they were never played with the ferocity of this album. If you like riffs, weed or a combination of both you are a fool for not listening to this album. Sleep recorded another album really good album (I think you all know the one I’m talking about) but this was just fucking awesome. Earache records was really an awesome label in the early 1990’s.
Favorite Song: From Beyond
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