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Nazi Punks Fuck Off EP
Released on June 15th, 1993
Label: Earache

same as any other 1992-2000 album

1. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
2. Aryanisms
3. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Live)
4. Contemptuous (xtreem mix)

Wow, some fan. I totally missed out on this EP when I was doing my initial research. Well, I didn’t miss it so much as I though it was a seven-inch single with just the one song (Nazi Punks Fuck Off). Then I was just browsing iTunes and found out there were three more songs so I had to download them. Aryanisms is a typical Napalm Death death metal song for the era. Nothing too special. The live version of Nazi Punks Fuck Off is okay. All the times I’ve seen them perform that song live I never liked how Barney would just say “NAZI” during the chorus rather than “NAZI PUNKS”. This is one of the times. I can understand why, after an hour of performing Napalm Death songs live I'm surprised the guy can stand. The last time I saw them, however, he didn't. It was almost exactly like on album. And it was amazing. Then there's the Contemptuous remix…maybe all those people who said that Napalm Death entered an industrial phase in the 1990s heard that song and that song alone. It’s pretty terrible. I would say skip this EP. The version of Nazi Punks Fuck Off on here it totally different from the one on Leaders Not Followers (it may be even better) but it’s also available on the Noise For Music’s Sake compilation. Nazi Punks Fuck Off is still one song you're pretty much guaranteed to hear if you go see Napalm Death live, and the T-shirt (with the front cover image of the EP) is still sold today.
Best Song: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
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