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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
It's called an opinion. You do realize that Kiss made some overlooked albums in the eighties, right?

And no, Ace & Peter will never come back.
Just because I brought up that song, doesn't mean it was an attack on him. I just think it's a lame song. I saw them do it live 3 years ago and it sucked then too. Not as bad as the studio version, but still lame. And yes, I do realize they have some overlooked 80's albums, but that has nothing to do with me not liking that song. Try to telling him about opinions, he's the one who got all defensive about the fact I dont like it in the set. I don't even think it's close to being in their top ten 80's songs, let alone their entire catalog. And by the way I'm not saying Say Yeah should be in their either.
And what the hell does Ace and Peter have to do with anything I posted? Not a damn thing.
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