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Enemy of the Music Business
Released on September 25th, 2000
Label: Spitfire


1. Taste the Poison
2. Next on the List
3. Constitutional Hell
4. Vermin
5. Volume of Neglect
6. Thanks for Nothing
7. Can’t Play, Won’t Pay
8. Blunt Against the Cutting Edge
9. Cure for the Common Complaint
10. Necessary Evil
11. C.S. (Conservative Shithead), Pt. 2
12. Mechanics of Deceit
13. (The Public Gets) What the Public Doesn’t Want
14. Fracture in the Equation

The Napalm Death that is still with us today came about on this album. They sound really angry and reinvigorated after splitting with Earache after almost fifteen years. There was a lot of bad blood between Napalm Death and that label. I’m not even sure of what was going on but I'll wager that Napalm Death was in the right. A lot of the anger on this album is directed at Earache and music labels in general. There’s a bit of a stylistic change on this album again, going with a bit more of a hardcore edge, grittier production and shorter, faster songs. Unfortunately, the sometimes less-than stellar output of Napalm Death in the decade before this meant that a lot of people had written off the band and thus this album went largely unnoticed. But it’s one of their strongest albums and when this is all said and done and I rank the Napalm Death albums I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one in the top five. I strongly recommend this album. The best two words to describe it are "fucking" and "awesome". Even though he’s credited with guitar on the next few albums this is the last time Jesse Pintado recorded with the band.
Best Song: Cure For The Common Complaint
09/19 -- Godflesh
09/25-26 -- Godspeed You! Black Emperor
10/03 -- Origin
10/04 -- Black Dahlia Murder
10/16 -- Negura Bunget
11/01 -- Deafheaven

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