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The Complete Radio One Sessions
Released on May 25th, 2000
Label: BBC

Varies by era

1. The Kill/Prison Without Walls/Dead Part 1
2. Deceiver/Lucid Fairytale/In Extremis
3. Blind to the Truth/Negative Approach/Common Enemy
4. Obstinate Direction/Life?/You Suffer Part 2
5. Multi-National Corporations/Instinct of Survival/Stigmatized/Parasites
6. Moral Crusade/Worlds Apart/M.A.D.
7. Divine Death/C.S./Control
8. Walls/Raging in Hell/Conform or Die/S.O.B.
9. Unchallenged Hate/Mentally Murdered
10. From Enslavement to Obliteration/Suffer the Children
11. Retreat to Nowhere/Scum
12. Deceiver/Social Sterility
13. Glimpse into Genocide
14. Greed Killing
15. My Own Worst Enemy
16. Anti-Body

Again, a compilation of live stuff I havenít heard. But all the reviews I read say that itís really good, save for the last four songs. This was a comp of three different sessions; two recorded in the late 1980ís by the Dorrian line-up, and one (the last four songs) recorded in the mid-1990ís by that line-up. Iíd check it out but itís not like Iíd hear anything that I havenít heard before, so maybe some day. John Peel seemed like a really cool guy. Check out his pages on the internet and read up on all the obscure bands he helped out over his career.
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