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Leaders Not Followers EP
Released on October 25th, 1999
Label: Relapse


1. Politicians (originally by Raw Power)
2. Incinerator (originally by Slaughter)
3. Demoniac Possession (originally by Pentagram)
4. Maggots in Your Coffin (originally by Repulsion)
5. Back from the Dead (originally by Death)
6. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (originally by the Dead Kennedys)

This is where shit gets real. After a ďspottyĒ decade that saw the bands popularity and stock wane greatly they finished out the 1990ís with not only a strong album but also one of the best albums of their career. It is a covers album but it doesnít matter because they did some wicked fucking covers. And it may just be an EP too but it doesn't matter because it's so wicked. Incinerator may be one of my favorite Napalm Death songs of all time. And the video is (again) so fucking terrible that itís awesome. Iíd love to know what song Barney is singing. Because it sure ainít Incinerator. I canít say too much more about this EP other than this is essential Napalm Death. It started a real tear for the band. Even their cover artwork took a turn for the better with this album. This is also the first album they ever released that wasn't under Earache, something they touch on more with their next full-length studio album.
Favorite Song: Incinerator
12/12 - Madball
12/30 - WWE
01/15 - Fuck the Facts
01/22 - Sleep
02/27 - Inertia 20th Ann. Show
03/06 - Cradle of Filth
03/12 - Tortoise(?)
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