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I got Bioshock: Infinite for my birthday and I finished it last week. I'd like to go back and do a bit more exploring and get more of the story filled in for me.

I'm playing Metro: Last Light right now and I absolutely love it, but it's a very dark, dank and depressing game so I'm taking a little break from it right now. Will finish it soon, though.

I have a sizeable backlog on 360 (not even gonna try to make a backlog for PC). I keep starting Lost Odysset, falling in love with it, then getting distracted by a new game. I really need to hunker down and just play it. It honestly might be the best console RPG of this generation.

Right now I'm playing Bayonetta. I honestly had only put about an hour into it before, but I'm loving it right now. Don't know why I didn't finish it. I'm definitely going to keep on with it.

I'd also like to replay L.A. Noire again. Maybe go back and play Red Dead Redemption too.

Oh, and I also have the third Phoenix Wright game to play.

edit: woah okay I posted without reading the first post. I thought you meant like a backlog.

tbh I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive religiously and I always play with music on, and 99% it's my Girls' Generation discography on random.
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