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Bootlegged in Japan
Released on June 22nd, 1998
Label: Earache


1. Antibody
2. My Own Worst Enemy
3. More Than Meets the Eye
4. Hung
5. Greed Killing
6. Suffer the Children
7. Mass Appeal Madness
8. Cursed to Crawl
9. Glimpse into Genocide
10. I Abstain
11. Lucid Fairytale
12. Plague Rages
13. Cold Forgiveness
14. Control
15. Diatribes
16. Life?
17. Siege of Power
18. If the Truth Be Known
19. Unchallenged Hate
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
21. From Enslavement to Obliteration
22. The Kill
23. Scum
24. Ripe for the Breaking

I don’t usually bother with live albums. But after hearing the few songs off this that are tacked onto a later Napalm Death studio album (Words from the Exit Wound) I just had to check this out. 1990’s Napalm Death, as I’ve said a lot before, has a bad habit of being a little bland. But live those songs turn into a whole other beast. Songs that I never paid too much attention to before are just wicked on this album. The only one that really doesn't do it for me is Cold Forgiveness. That song is one of those songs that just a cool album track. When I first heard Diatribes I knew that song really just wouldn't work live. And it doesn't. As the title says, this is a bootleg. The band actually came across copies of it floating around and thought it sounded so good that they decided to just release it for everybody. Am I glad they did. It’s got a wicked muddy, muffled sound to it. Barneys vocals are the highlight. He just sounds vicious. You can tell this is one hundred percent live. No overdubs, just straight from the soundboard. They didn’t even bother to liven up the crowd noise (Pantera). It sounds like there may have been fifty people at this show. After songs there’s barely a cheer. Which, in a way, is sad. I thought Japan was supposed to be this hotbed for grindcore. Here are the godfathers of grindcore playing to what sounds like an empty club. There are other songs I like from these years of Napalm Death better but the performance alone is worth your money. They sound really good and I got to hear a lot of songs I doubt I’d ever hear them play these days. I highly recommend this.
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