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Inside the Torn Apart
Released on June 3rd, 1997
Label: Earache

Unchanged but Mitch Harris and Shane Embury are credited with “backing vocals”

1. Breed to Breathe
2. Birth in Regress
3. Section
4. Reflect on Conflict
5. Down in the Zero
6. Inside the Torn Apart
7. If Symptoms Persist
8. Prelude
9. Indispose
10. Purist Realist
11. Lowpoint
12. The Lifeless Alarm
13. Time Will Come (Bonus Track)
14. Bled Dry (Bonus Track)

In a post a few days ago me and someone else were going on about how some Napalm Death albums have one or two standout songs and then a bunch of other tracks. This is one of those albums. Breed to Breathe is one of Napalm Death’s simplest and catchiest songs. I’d say if you had no idea where to start with Napalm Death that may be the song, because it only gets uglier and rougher from there. They obviously ran out of money when they were making the video for that song, because it's back to the cheesy live footage where Barney appears to be singing a different song. I hear elements of the Napalm Death of today on this album, just intermixed with the cold production of their 1990s albums. It’s good, not as good as Diatribes but one of their stronger 1990’s releases. If you’re ever wondering why a lot of copies of this album have a sticker that reads “Barney’s Back!” on them Barney actually left the band in 1996 and was replaced with Phil Vane of Extreme Noise Terror. But Vane left Napalm Death just before the recording of this album and Barney returned, not after recording an album called Damage 381 with…Extreme Noise Terror? The drama. I’ve only heard bits of that album but it sounds pretty cool.
Best Song: the Lifeless Alarm
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