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Freedom's Rise - Liege Lord

2.Wielding Iron Fists
5.Rage Of Angels
6.Vials Of Wrath
7.Warrior Farewell
8.For The King

Released In 1985

One of the last pre-Keeper era power metal bands of the US, Liege Lord came onto the scene with their debut Freedom's Rise.The guitars that are on this record are incredible, and the bass playing is some of the best of its time, but that's about all this record has going for it.The vocals are good, but are just to all over the pace, switching from the lower register to the high falsettos and everything in between too much, never zeroing in on one at a time.This almost sounds like third rate Judas Priest.All that said, for the guitars alone I'm giving this a 6/10, and this does show that they had potential to improve on their future releases.


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