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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Hey VoidFlame, how's the Belgian brasserie/beer bar scene in Montreal? My gf and I are looking into a trip and good mussels-and-crusty-bread-and-tripels joints are a priority.
It's pretty epic - the scene for good beer in general is flourishing here. There are a few places you should check out, including Le Bistro des bières belges, that basically has everything you asked for and almost every belgian beer one can import. Another cool place is a brewery called Benelux, where they make their own delicous and varied belgian-inspired beers.

There are also other mandatory breweries like the Saint-Bock (who also have belgian-styled beers), l'Amère à boire (my personal favourite, though their beers are inspired by czech, german and english tradition), Dieu du Ciel!, etc.

If you make the trip, be sure to tell me! I'll gladly have a beer with you.
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