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Melechesh -- Seattle, WA -- June 19th, 2013

Wednesday June 19, 2013
Studio 7
Melechesh - Vreid - Lightning Swords of Death - others

What a fun show. Studio 7 was less than half full, which was really upsetting, but at the same time allowed everyone to get a good view of the stage and no one was being a dumbass by forcefully moshing and pissing everyone off. I arrived late, so I missed the local openers and Reign of Lies (or whatever they were called). Lightning Swords of Death had just started to set up when I arrived, so it allowed me to catch up with all my friends who were there that I haven't seen in a while.

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of LSoD, they have some cool stuff, but overall a lot of it just sounds samey to me. The LIGHTING swords of death ( ) that they had during the set was amazing, and added a great atmosphere to their music. I am not familiar with any of their song titles, but their set was vicious, I don't understand how their drummer can play with such fury for a half hour. They ended with the one song that I actually love of theirs... which I have forgotten the title of, hehe

After LSoD I made my way to the front center of the stage for the band I was most excited to see... VREID. I opened for Vreid on their tour with Kampfar, but was forced to leave before they played due to my van getting broken into, so it was nice to finally see them again (saw them on their first US tour). They put on such a great set, mainly comprised of newer songs, but hearing Vaepna Lengsel and Raped By Light was bonerific! Sights of Old was another great song live, so beautiful and epic. I could tell that they were enjoying themselves, and they sounded amazing, despite Steingrim not being with them. During "Pitch Black", Ralph Santolla came out and did the big ending guitar solo, it was orgasmic!

Vreid (possibly out of order / missing a song)
The Ramble
The Reap
Sights of Old
Vaepna Lengsel
Raped By Light
Pitch Black

After their set my lady and I met up with Hvall and talked for a few minutes with him. Such a great guy, very normal and cheerful and happy that we enjoyed their set so much, I wish more musicians were like him

The final band was one of my favorites... MELECHESH. Overall they played the same set that they always play, but when Asmedi said "This next one is off of Djinn" I nearly shat myself!!! They didnt' play "G.S.A.M.N." in it's entirety, cut it off halfway thru, but it was still so fun to dance to (yeah, fuck you). Ashmedi had some technical difficulties after Ladders, which lead to Ralph Santolla (who was their touring guitarist this year) to do a big guitar solo to fill up the open air. I left just as they started Rebirth of the Nemesis, so I am not sure if they played more or not, but I am guessing not. They put on a fun set, but seemed to be struggling here and there with certain parts, felt really bad for them, but still a good time.

Melechesh (possibly out of order / missing a song)
Illumination: The Face Of Shamash
Sacred Geometry
Ladders to Sumeria
Ralph Santolla Guitar Solo
Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
Genies, Sorcerors, and Mesopotamian Nights (only played half, and called it "...and Mesopotamian Tales")
Defeating The Giants
Triangle Tatvic Fire
Rebirth of the Nemesis

Great show! If it's coming to your city, go to it, these bands need your support
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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