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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Everybody likes a little different Napalm and there is nothing wrong w/ that at all. My personal preferences for Napalm is more Scum through Harmony. Personally I was a really big fan of Harmony, although I understand how others who loved their more grind/shorter songs from pre-Harmony wouldn't care as much for it.

I really can't get into a whole lot of their 90s material after Harmony. I will usually find a song or 2 from different albums, but as a whole they just don't do as much for me personally.

And then from The Code is Red up until present day is just as enjoyable as the Scum to Harmony era is as good as anything they did in the 80s (albeit quite different). This might just encourage me to try and revisit some of those 90s albums though. Even not as good Napalm is still better than a lot though.
Agreed about the 1990's material. There's usually one or two standout AWESOME songs per album then a bunch of other songs that are good, but blur by.
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