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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
I Ain't Superstitious really is random as hell.
Yea, you've spent the past 30 minutes getting your face smashed in that when you hear that blues lick kick in you're all "ARRGGHH FUCK THIS SHIT SKIPSKIPSKIP" but if you listen to it on its own it isn't bad at all.

I respectfully disagree on Peace Sells being the closest Dave ever got to eclipsing Metallica. For one thing he actually did it and two, he did it again with Rust In Peace.

It's actually really interesting in that while its obvious Chris Poland is talented, Mustaine outshines him on lead on more than multiple occasions.

You gave Peace Sells a 9.5/10 and you gave Puppets a 9/10. I'm happy.
He's like "yo give me yo insurance information!" and I'm like "I didn't hit you with no car, I hit you with this mack truck I call a fist!"
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