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Got home from tour on Monday! It went ok, more of a learning experience than anything. We broke down on the way to Spokane, and forced to miss that show, but regrouped with Thou Shall Kill in Boise. Sadly, we didn't go on stage until 12:45, and it was a Wednesday, so only a couple people were there.

We played in Salt Lake city the following day, and the venue was still pretty empty, but it felt a little more fun than the Boise show since some of our Guitarists family was there to cheer us on.... so that was rad. We had a day off to travel to Denver, which ended up being THEE show of the tour, and possibly one of the most enjoyable shows I have played in my whole "music career". After the show we were out back with Thou Shall Kill loading up our gear, and a big group of a people who were at the show were cheering for us and saying thank you for coming down, it was fucking amazing.

We ended the tour in Billings, MT. Amazing venue, great sound, great stage... but it was Fathers Day, so it was quite empty. We kinda BS'd our way through our set, not just because of the lack of people, but we were fucking tired as shit. Thou Shall Kill had a decent crowd though, and a great response from them.

All in all it was a fun learning experience, I'd do it again, but hopefully the shows would have more people at them. We are playing in Seattle on Monday, I am stoked to play in front of my friends again
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