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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I don't see how it's fanboying when I'm stating facts and I still acknowledge what's wrong with the console.

The Kinect commands CAN be turned off. There was this big fucking hullabaloo not too long ago about people freaking out that people could run in the room and shout "XBOX OFF!" and shut their shit down, but the Kinect is like the Kinect now and you can disable that.

Also PS+ gives away free games from 5 years ago too, so I dunno what you're trying to say. Free shit is free shit.

Dunno how PS+ is a better deal than Xbox Live. They both cost about the same and Microsoft's servers have never been hacked and had all their users information leaked, so... :3c

As for the family plan, it looks like they're discontinuing that because of their reversed DRM. Would've been awesome but it doesn't take away from anything now that it's not in there anymore.

And about the guests being able to play on Xbox Live - that's not how it is. I have guest accounts on my Xbox that can't play multiplayer or download things because they're just guest accounts. It'll be great for families to have one account with Xbox Live and several other accounts that all get the benefits of Xbox Live for free.
the commands can be turned off BUT THE CAMERA CAN'T. The camera is running at all times no matter what you turn off.

They give away games from 5 years ago, a year ago, months ago, and all sorts of stuff. There is a reason why xbox is copying PS+ with that

PS+ is better cause you get at least over $1000 in free shit every year and on top of that you get discounts and more. If you think xbox hasn't been hacked or user info hasn't been leaked you are a blind sheep. that shit is hacked and leaked on the daily but M$ wont tell you about it. Like a month or two ago Live went down and people didn't know why. They got hacked and had over couple thousand of peoples info posted on a online forum. Take off the shades boy :3
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