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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I am going to refute almost everything you just said

1. Does not need an Internet connection. The first time you turn it on you need a connection, then you'll never need to connect the Xbone to the internet again. correct

2. Destiny and Kingdom Hearts 3 are multiplat. So is FFXV. correct

3. Kinect voice and camera commands can be turned off, just like they can be now. the kinect will always be on no matter what

4. Xbox One has a deal that you can buy one game and share it digitally with up to ten people. It's called a "family plan" but it can be any 10 Xbox Live users. lolnope

5. Xbox Live is now offering three free game downloads a month. from games that came out 5 years ago <_>

6. PS4 is making online multiplayer a PS+ requirement, so it's not free anymore. correct but PS+ is insanely better deal than Live already

7. Any guest account on an Xbox One console where the main account has Xbox Live also have Xbox Live access. hasnt this been going on forever? lol

So yeah, someone needs to stop fanboying.
fanboy calling another a fanboy
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