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I will definitely be getting PS4, but not until like April/May of next year, whenever Elder Scrolls Online comes out.I got Battlefield 4, COD: Ghost, and Kingdom Hearts HD Remix to keep me occupied until then.Xbox One is going to be a piece of junk in my opinion, considering A) needs an Internet connection (which sometimes mine gets jacked), B) needs a Kinect hooked up at all times, C) won't have Destiny or Kingdom Hearts 3,and finally D) its $100 more.Sure, you have people that will say "It's only a $100 more!", but today's economy is definitely not in my families favor.And if you still have to pay for online for Xbox, that is even more of a reason not to buy it.I don't care what anybody says, but 95% of the people who are going to buy an Xbox One are Xbox fan boys/girls, and are just trying to fool themselves into thinking that it is a great system.I have many Xbox user friends that are switching to Sony, so it's not just my opinion taken into thought here.Microsoft is just a extremely greedy company, no matter what anyone says.The Xbox One is now more like an entertainment system that supports games, unlike PS4 which is going to be a gaming system that supports DVDs, I would much rather have a system that focuses on gaming more.The controller for Xbox One is basically the same old same old, but the PS4 controller sees the traditional controller evolving into a new thing.Bottom line, PS4 is going to be the winner of this competition.
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