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Where to begin. Well, myself and three friends(Xenocide included) got to the palladium around 7:30 because of our driver not getting out of work until five. Upon arriving, our other friend informed us that he had his ticket in role-call. So after waiting in line for that, we finially got into the venue aroudn 7:50. I wasnt to bummed about showing up late, because the acacia strain were supposed to be opening, and i really only wanted to see Decapitated and LOG. But for whatever reason, Decapitated opened, and by the time we found our spots on the floor, they announced they had 1 song left. So i figured that both openers were done and now Lamb of God would be coming out, but then the Accacia Strain banner went up.

The Accacia Strain came on around 8:40, and i honestly didnt expect much from them. I had never listened to them, and i was still bummed about missing Decapitated. They came out, and played what sounded to me like one 40 minute song. The crowd loved them, mostly because it was a home town show, but i did not like them. They had great energy, but im just not a fan. I dont have a set from them

Following Accacia, i managed to snag a rail spot on the far left side, in front of where Willie would be playing shortly. The wait for LOG to start seemed to take forever. I was really excited for this show for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that ive never really experienced a Lamb of God show. Mayhem 2010 doesnt count, and i was dehydrated pretty bad at the Boston show, so i honestly dont remember a thing from that show

Then around 9:30, the lights dimmed, and LOG'S video screens started playing. Then my favorite drummer of all time, Chris Adler, came out and began soloing leading the crowd into a frenzy. The band ripped through the first 2 songs, then Randy talked to us about how the palladium is his favorite NorthEast venue to play because they played it on their first ever tour, which made the show that much more personal. Then they proceeded to play the rest of their set, which was just great after great song. The whole band was on fire the whole night. Randy sounded amazing, and Mark Morton and Willie Adler are one of the best guitar duos out there. The highlight for me was the intro to omerta, because the crowd was louder then Randy. My only complaint about the show is that it was the exact same set from last time. I was hoping that they would play a bit longer, like 2 songs more, but hey beggars cant be choosers.

This was my "third" time seeing lamb of god, but this is the first time ive truly been able to witness the pure energy and mayhem that comes with the bands live performance. If/when they come up here again, ill be ther in a heartbeat

Decapitated(what i saw and heard): 7.5/10
Accacia Strain:5/10
Lamb of God:9/10
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