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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
Especially when a lot of vinyls include a digital download anyways. I want more of that happening, honestly... I noticed, for example, that the new Black Sabbath album on vinyl included a digital download and on Amazon, the vinyl was sold with "AutoRip." That's pretty cool.

I need to hurry up and listen to my vinyl copy of 13 because the fucking mastering really sucks on the CD...
We talk about formats a lot here, but for any release, assuming production costs aren't an object and will definitely be recouped, I think this is the ideal:

-Very cheap CD, $9-11
-Standard weight vinyl w/ download code, $12-15
-Deluxe vinyl w/ download code (additional tracks, gatefold, poster, 180g, whatever), $19-22
-Digital download, $10
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