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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
My day job is in digital production for a record label group, for those who don't know, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the digital campaign is a fat fucking failure.

They're charging $11.99 at iTunes. MASSIVE artists get away with that, artists who are looking for a big sales number first week sell it at $7.99 then raise it to $9.99 two weeks later, 99% of artists sell at $9.99 the entire life of the record. Nobody with QR's diminished stature should be charging $11.99 at iTunes during pre-order and immediately upon street date. Hell, they couldn't have gotten away with that in O:M II era. Today, it's suicide. I don't even expect it to crack the metal charts next week. (watch me eat my shoe when it's #1 because of e-sheep like fonz)

EDIT: If Queensryche were our clients, I'd have suggested a $7.99 price point through a long pre-order period and revert to $9.99 two weeks after street.

Wow, I had to go double check that to be sure. $11.99 is the same price as the deluxe version of the new Black Sabbath album, which features - literally - twice as much new material and from a way larger band! $11.99 for 35 minutes of new music is ludicrous (as if the two live tracks makes up that difference. )

I think what kills me about the whole QR bullshit of the last year is that guys like Fonz would be LOLin' if it was "Geoff Tatertot" (and I mean, enough with this already) pulling this shit with the pricing, length, and everything else, but because it's the "real QR" every sin is not only forgiven; they're not actually sins. You see, the new EP... I'm sorry, album... is only 35 minutes long because any longer would just be too amazing for us mere mortals right? So it's actually a really deliberate strategy, naturally.

Also the actual CD is $13.88 from Amazon. Bargain!
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