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My day job is in digital production for a record label group, for those who don't know, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the digital campaign is a fat fucking failure.

They're charging $11.99 at iTunes. MASSIVE artists get away with that, artists who are looking for a big sales number first week sell it at $7.99 then raise it to $9.99 two weeks later, 99% of artists sell at $9.99 the entire life of the record. Nobody with QR's diminished stature should be charging $11.99 at iTunes during pre-order and immediately upon street date. Hell, they couldn't have gotten away with that in O:M II era. Today, it's suicide. I don't even expect it to crack the metal charts next week. (watch me eat my shoe when it's #1 because of e-sheep like fonz)

EDIT: If Queensryche were our clients, I'd have suggested a $7.99 price point through a long pre-order period and revert to $9.99 two weeks after street.
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