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Intronaut -- Montreal, Quebec -- June 17th, 2013

Venue: Il Motore
Opening band: Unbeing
Tour: North American Tour 2013

Another great concert at Il Motore. I'm in love with that venue: it's intimate and beautiful, it has good sound and the bike ride from my home is about 20-25 minutes. The only inconvenience is that a fish shop just opened next to it and it smells funny when you get in. I got there as local openers Unbeing were loading out their gear out of the venue, complaining about the stench. Mouth of the Architect started playing a few minutes later in front of a packed venue, delivering a massive sludge/post-metal set. They were heavy and imposing, often having three vocalists (the guitarists and the keyboardist) singing/yelling at the same time. They mostly played songs from their new record, Dawning, which, while still being crushing, delivers a beautiful uplifting feeling. I only wish we could have heard the keyboards more, but they probably had the heaviest tones of the night, so it was alright.

A large part of the crowd was apparently only there for the instrumental quartet Scale the Summit, and they didn't seem to be disappointed. The band gave us 45 minutes of perfectly executed prog. The two guitarists always impress me when they ease through those complex tapping and chord patterns. Their drummer could have had a bit more finesse, but he was tight. However, their skill didn't keep me from yawning. This was my second time seeing Scale the Summit and I have yet to feel something out of their music. I totally understand why people like this band, but I just can't get into them.

Finally, the band that I had came to see took the stage in front of a bit thinner crowd. Just like the two bands that played before them, Intronaut had almost impeccable sound and made practically no mistake in their songs. The bass tone was especially heavy, yet almost fluid - liquid. The set mainly focused on new stuff and the clean vocal duo of Sacha and Dave gave me chills. The growled/screamed vocals in the two older songs they played at the end also sounded good, but it wasn't as shocking as the sheer beauty of the clean ones. Their performance was energetic, precise, crushing and also entertaining, due to the wierd animated videos that played on a screen behind them. I would have took one or two more tunes, but I was also very tired, so it didn't bother me much.

Mouth of the Architect

Sharpen Your Axes
Hate and Heartache
How This Will End

Scale the Summit (out of order)

The Dark Horse
Narrow Salient
Atlas Novus
The Olive Tree
The Great Plains
The Traveler


Killing Birds with Stones
Milk Leg
The Welding
Core Relations
Sore Sight for Eyes
8/6 - SubRosa
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