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Killswitch Engage -- Grand Rapids, MI -- June 16th, 2013

Affiance opened the show. I'd never heard of them, and they only got a 20-min set, but they were the best of the opening bands IMO.

Next was The Word Alive. This was my 4th time seeing them. They're decent. They covered "94 Hours" for all the people hoping to hear an As I Lay Dying song at the show. I thought that was cool. They did a really good job w/ that cover as well.

The Word Alive setlist
Dragon Spell
94 Hours (As I Lay Dying cover)
Life Cycles

Next was Darkest Hour. I've seen them 5x now, and as always they were heavy as hell. Good stuff!

Miss May I came up next. They were OK, but I was anxiously awaiting the headliners.

This was my 1st time seeing Killswitch Engage since their tour last year w/ Acaro & Shadows Fall. I was really looking forward to hearing the new tunes off of DISARM THE DESCENT. They played my favorite song off of that CD, "All We Have." I LOVE that song. Other highlights for me were "Take This Oath" and "Arms of Sorrow." As always w/ Killswitch Engage, the crowd was singing along all night. This was definitely the longest set I've ever seen them play. I was street teaming at this show, so I went outside after "In Due Time," but I heard the rest of it. Excellent show from Killswitch!

Killswitch Engage setlist
The New Awakening
A Bid Farewell
Fixation On The Darkness
The Hell In Me
Life To Lifeless
No End In Sight
Take This Oath
Arms of Sorrow
Beyond The Flames
This Is Absolution
All We Have
Rose of Sharyn
Numbered Days
Self Revolution
In Due Time
My Curse
The End of Heartache
My Last Serenade
5/1 Contortionist
5/13 HB
7/12 311
7/29 Slipknot
8/12 Deftones
8/13 KsE
8/21 KoRn
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