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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I still don't have that. Out of print here and annoyingly expensive to find. Same with Cross Purposes.
I had Tyr when I was a little kid and it's disappeared over the years. I wish I still had it, because it is in fact pretty expensive to buy online.

Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
So you're already ranking 13 against the Tony Martin albums and you haven't even heard them all?

That must mean you like some combination of Forbidden, Headless Cross, and The Eternal Idol, which if that's the case, holy shit dude, go get TYR and Cross Purposes right now, because those two are easily the best of the Tony Martin era. Seriously. I'm sure the Internet could take care of your needs if nothing else can At least YouTube the songs or something.

Anyways, 13 is easily better than all of those as a Black Sabbath album. The Tony Martin era albums, they're alright, for the most part. But they are Black Sabbath albums in name only. The only one that's even close is Cross Purposes; at least it has Geezer. But that math makes it as much of a Black Sabbath album as Ozzy's Ozzmosis. And of course, it's not just math. Tony Martin writes god awful lyrics, and the Tony Martin era tried too hard to be of the times, and got away (not "progressed from") where Black Sabbath started.

13 feels like a decades overdue course correction compared to them.

Also, praise Satan or whoever, that Forbidden won't go down as the last official Black Sabbath studio album.
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