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Mount Moriah -- Bloomington, IN -- June 16th, 2013

If you aren't aware, Mount Moriah is the alt-country band of Horseback's Jenks Miller. So, not metal, but metal-related, and absolutely brilliant. Miracle Temple is my favorite album of 2013 so far, and if you're interested in great storytelling and songwriting, you'd be remiss to skip it. Only like 25-30 people were at this show because a sold-out Mac DeMarco show was going on across town, but fuck Mac DeMarco.

I hung out at the bar and watched the fourth quarter of the Spurs game (fuck yeah) afterward with Heather, the singer/guitarist/lyricist, and she was absolutely awesome.

The band's (tragically short) setlist:

Bright Light
Eureka Springs
I Built A Town
Social Wedding Rings (extended jam)
White Sands
Miracle Temple Holiness
Plane (extended jam)
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