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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post

Sacrifice - Torment in Fire - September 27, 1985

Much like Dark Angel a year earlier, Sacrifice are one of those bands who would go on to certain greatness after putting out a pretty lacklustre debut. Don't get me wrong, the attitude is there. The aggression is there. But all that youthful exuberance can't make up for the fact that these guys just aren't writing very good songs and they're just not great musicians yet. The horribly muddy production doesn't help either. Sure, the lyrics are ridiculously satanic and violent, and the vocals verge on death metal, but when you break the songs down, there's just not a whole lot here.

Standouts: Burned at the Stake, Sacrifice

Score: 3/10
I just found this thread and am going back through. Good stuff man. I agree with most of everything I've read so far including Ride the Lightning being slightly better than Master and Ktulu being slighly better than Orion. I do give Orion credit for getting me back into Ktulu though. That 1 riff in Orion is incredible...

Funny story about this Sacrifice album. I bought this back in the day on vinyl because of the cover art and song titles. I listened to it one time and it never did anything for me. When I was selling my vinyl on ebay (I miss some of it already) this album went the highest of all the albums I put on there. I believe it went for $85 which shocked the living shit outta me!
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